The Bikes

2020 – ‘ZEUS’

Coming soon…

2019 – The Phoenix

After testing at Henstridge Airfield, Pembrey Circuit and Castle Combe Circuit, the Phoenix made its Isle of Man TT Zero debut. Despite a difficult practice week due to the weather the team finished 4th overall and top university team with an average speed of 94.85mph and a top speed of 161.5mph.

2018 – The Vision

The 2018 motorcycle packed more batteries, more power and more potential than any other Bath Zero motorcycle before. The team worked hard on the build and high expectations for the race were set.

Unfortunately whilst on the Isle of Man a fire cruelly took the team’s chance of success along with tools and equipment. Most importantly no one was injured and lessons have been learnt to carry on to next year.

2017 – Apollo

Apollo used the same formidable powertrain as the 2016 team and developed the chassis and surrounding areas to improve the handling, lower the drag and incorporate other improvements that have been noted over the racing career to date.

In the summer of 2017, Apollo competed in the Isle of Man TT Zero event. Due to poor weather conditions practice was limited. Nevertheless, Apollo achieved an average lap speed of 78mph, an improvement on last year. Apollo also competed in 5 UK based racing events, taking on combustion and electric bikes.

2016 – Odin

By the end of the 2016 race year the team’s first motorcycle, Odin, had been developed into a capable racing machine that was at home on the tracks of Moto E. In full TT configuration, Odin has 215hp and is capable of 170mph making it a formidable machine. The combination of a well proven donor chassis with a custom subframe to squeeze all of the battery and powertrain components into a manageable and well balanced package resulted in a motorcycle riders quickly took to and was easily adjusted to different riders’ preferences.