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Team Bath Zero is the fastest student team at the Isle of Man TT Zero, based at the University of Bath. Here you will be able to find information about the team, the motorcycles, the races and our sponsors.

About Bath Zero

Bath Zero was founded in 2014 to compete in the MotoE Championship and Isle of Man TT Zero class for all-electric superbikes. We built our reputation at the TT, seeing increasing success, rising from 8th in 2017 to 4th in 2019, against rapidly improving competition.

The fastest student team at the Isle of Man TT Zero 2019


Rank Team Speed Time
1 Shinden Roku / Team Mugen 117.710 mph 19′ 13.924
2 Shinden Roku / Team Mugen 113.632 mph 19′ 55.331
3 University of Nottingham 109.209 mph 20′ 43.748
4 Sarolea 108.064 mph 20′ 56.924
5 University of Nottingham 91.197 mph 24′ 49.385
6 Brunel University 90.963 mph 24′ 53.229
7 Moto Corsa 78.848 mph 28′ 42.662
8 University of Bath 77.415 mph 29′ 14.549


RankTeamAverage SpeedTime
1Bathams Mugen121.91 mph18′ 34.172
2Bathams Mugen120.98 mph18′ 42.738
3Team Mirai102.69 mph22′ 02.697
4Team Bath Zero94.85 mph23′ 52.100
5Brunel University91.48 mph24′ 44.815
6Duffy Motorsport83.29 mph27′ 10.800
7Duffy Motorsport72.03 mph31′ 25.831

In October 2019, the TT placed a moratorium on the TT Zero until 2022.

Accordingly, Team Bath Zero have refocussed our efforts, to the sunnier shores of Bermuda. The Bermudan governmment has announced the inaugural Bermuda Charge Zero-Emission Superbike event, a two-lap, 10km event focussed on acceleration and manoevurability. This poses a whole new set of challenges for the team, and is a driving force behind the 2020/21 redesign.

Beyond Bermuda, Team Bath Zero is also a founding member of ERRA, the Electric Road Racing Association, and works with other University Zero-class bike teams to develop new electric road races.

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Our Sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors, past and present, for making this project possible

Full list of sponsors for all years